Our company was formed on March 4, 1950 in Williamsport, PA by Mr. Roy H. Belcher, Jr. and his wife Emma as co-owners.

The business plan included establishing themselves and their fledgling company in Williamsport and surrounding areas. They named their company "Belcher's Home Modernization Co." which they hoped would reflect their desire to enter the home improvement market.

In 1954, they purchased the property at 407 Washington Blvd. It was remodeled and established as their office and retail store/showroom. Presently the business remains at the same location, with a storage yard and workshop nearby.

Among the first services they offered were:
Sales and installation of custom window treatments, aluminum and fabric awnings, aluminum store windows and doors, carports and patios. Also installation of aluminium siding which was just becoming available. Ornamental railings and fencing were added to the product line.

In the early days, Mr. and Mrs. Belcher were the only employees. As time passed the business grew and employees were added from the local area.

In 1963, Roy Belcher III returned from military service and became involved with the business and he became the owner with Mr. Belcher Jr. passing in 1973.

Eventually the Belcher children also entered the business. Currently, Kim is the office manager. Lon, Chad and Roy III handle sales and estimating.

Several full-time employees with many years experience are responsible for installation and service.

The company has established itself as a reliable and dependable business with years of service to the central PA area and plans on continuing, with the addition of new products and services, as they become available.